Published by Chad Turner
Mar 06, 2019

National Exposure Tournament Series, LLC

Basketball Rules and Important Information

*All Teams are guaranteed 3 games-All tournaments will be pool play formatted

*The top (2) teams from a pool will be placed into the Championship Tournament and the (3rd) place teams may play in the Shoot-Out Tournament. In some tournaments, ALL teams will make the Championship Round depending on gym space for the second day.

*Tie Breaking Procedure for Each Tournament:

1.    Head to Head if (2) teams are involved

2.    Point differential:  points scored minus points allowed, which ever team has the higher difference will get the selection

* Each team will be limited to 13 total players per roster at one time

*Roster must include each players’ full name, address, phone contact and email

*Players’ contact information will only be made available to colleges and college coaches upon request.  Contact information will not be available for public viewing!

*A player may NOT play in more than (1) age division, regardless of sex.

*A player may NOT play for more than (1) team of the same age division.

*Age divisions are as follows: Boys- 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th & 10th-11th (current ’18-19 grades)                                                             Girls- 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th & 10th-11th (current ’18-19 grades)

*Boys must play in boys divisions and girls must play in girls divisions

*No more than (2) players from (1) school per team will be allowed for age divisions of      7th 8th 9th and 10th-11th

*A signed waiver for all players must be turned in before the start of your first game.  Any player who has not signed the waiver will be considered ineligible for the tournament and their team will forfeit all of their games for the tournament.

*Entry form, a roster and payment must be received (7) days prior to tournament date. You will not be considered entered into a tournament until full payment is made

*Teams will NOT be allowed to add any players to their roster after they start their first game of a tournament. Rosters will be locked in until the entire tournament is finished

*Each team must have in their possession, proof of birth date and proof of grade level for each player. Teams will be checked periodically every week.

*(2) Coaches per team will be allowed free admission along with each player as long as they are on the team roster of (13). Players and coaches will be required to sign in at the gate!

*Length of games: 7th 8th 9th & 10th-11th grade will be (2) 20 minute halves with a running clock, 4th 5th 6th grade will be (2) 16 minute halves with a running clock

*Clock will stop on time outs, and every dead ball the last minute of each half

*Full court press will be allowed for the entire game for 7th 8th 9th & 10th-11th  grades

*Full court press will NOT be allowed until the 2nd half for 4th 5th & 6th grades. When a 20 point advantage is gained, full court press must be taken off until the point differential is back under 20.

*Overtime period will be 3 minutes. If a winner isn’t determined after the overtime period, the (5) players on the floor at the conclusion of the overtime period for each team will shoot (1) free throw against each other until (1) team has an advantage. If still tied after the (5) free throws, a flip of the coin will determine the winner.

*3-30 second time outs per game will be allowed. No more than 1-30 second time out per team will be allowed per overtime period

*No more than (2) coaches will be allowed on the bench at one time-(1) sitting and (1) standing. Only players and coaches who are on the approved roster will be allowed on the bench

*Please bring your own basketballs to warm up with along with (1) game ball. Basketballs will NOT be provided at any of the tournaments

*Designated tournament officials have the authority to remove any coach, player or fan who displays inappropriate/improper behavior at any time

*Designated tournament officials have the authority to change game times at his/her discretion.

*Any/all decisions made by the designated tournament official are final!

*Grace period- Game time is game time!! Teams will be given a (3) minute grace period to show up after their scheduled start time. If a team does not show within the grace period, that will be considered a forfeiture

*A team may NOT start a game with less than (5) players, but may finish with less than (5)


*Teams will be required to keep their own stats. (1) Designated person per team will get free admission into each tournament and be required to sign in on the team roster. It will be the responsibility of the team to make sure their stats are as accurate as possible and turned into the tournament official after each game played.  The designated stat recorder will be required to sit at the scores table and coordinate with the clock operator who will be provided by the officials.  All of the stats that get turned in to the tournament official will be posted on the website weekly and will be made available for the public to view. 

*Clock operators will be provided by the tournament officials

*If for any reason, including but not limited to power outages, a tournament has to be canceled or cannot be completed, a $150.00 processing fee will be held to cover expenses along with $90.00 per game played by your team. All teams playing 3 games will be considered participating in a completed tournament. If a game is started, it will be considered a complete game at whatever point it has to be discontinued

*There will be no refunds of gate entry fees at any point for any reason unless approved by the designated tournament official.

*Scheduling requests may be emailed by a coach to  Please include date of tournament, location of tournament and age division along with your request. There is NO GUARANTEE that any requests will be honored.

*Tournament schedules will be posted on line and will be the responsibility of each team to know when your game times are

*Schedules will be made available no later than 9pm Eastern Standard Time on the Tuesday before the tournament

*NO REFUNDS will be made except in the event that a catastrophic event happens to a team and at the discretion of tournament officials 

*Points system breakdown:


10- per entry     7- per win     25- per tourney champion     15- per tourney runner up


7- per forfeited game    2- per coach/player/fan ejection      11- per ineligible player


*At the end of July, there will be invitation only FINALS TOURNAMENTS for every age division.  Teams who have accumulated the most points will be invited to play in a NCAA type tournament against competition from across the United States to see who the true champion is. 


*July 22nd of the current year is the last possible chance to make any changes to your team roster not to equal more than (13) players for the finals.