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Published by Chad Turner
Feb 14, 2019

About National Exposure Tournament Series

Do you want to see where you stand against other athletes who love doing what you do? Do you want to be ranked against all athletes from across the country……See how you compare to others who simply want to play the game that they love and reach that next level of competition!! Are you tired of going to “College Exposure” tournaments only to find that the only exposure you’re getting is walking onto the campus. This tournament series will get your name out there for colleges and coaches to see and get you the attention that you deserve.

National Exposure Tournament Series, LLC is a company that was started up to help both athletes and college recruiters in the college recruiting process.  Each week that tournaments are played, players’ statistics will be uploaded in order to place them in a ranking system against every participant who wishes to play in our tournament series. College recruiters and coaches will have the ability to view various categories of statistics depending on what they are looking for at any particular time to fulfill their needs.  Mom, Dad, Grandma and Grandpa will also have the ability to view stats on-line and brag about how their athlete is progressing in their career.  

The National Exposure Tournament Series was formed in order to assist college recruiters and coaches in their recruitment process along with giving every athlete the chance to see how they compare to every other athlete across the country.  It is our hope that every tournament is enjoyable not only to the athletes, but also to everyone who is in attendance to support their players.  In the same respect we also hope that this will assist every athlete in achieving their goals.  We want to see every athlete better themselves in every game that they play and every week that they participate.   

Our “Season” will run from the end of March through July.  Various tournaments will be played at collegiate and private venues every weekend. We will do our best to place teams into competitive  brackets.  A points system will be in place for teams to achieve the most points they can throughout the season. At the end of the season, the teams with the most points will be invited to participate in a finals tournament in order to determine who the true champion is.


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